How To Set Intentions With Crystals Examples. Once your crystal is cleansed, you can set your intentions. My mind, body and spirit are healthy.

Setting Intentions by Stoned Crystals
Setting Intentions by Stoned Crystals from

Hold your crystal and clear your mind of any negativity. The main way crystal addicts use their crystals is usually to set an intention with them, and then carry them with them. Choose the crystal that appeals to you the most and find a quiet space to set your intention with your crystal.

I Intend To Experience Greater And Greater Levels Of Magic, Fun, Creativity, Connectedness With The Divine, Peace, Prosperity, Abundance, Safety, Elegance, Ease, Health And Healing, Divine Grace, Divine Guidance, Joy, Freedom, Beauty, Trust, Wisdom And Love.

Trust your gut and choose the crystal you get drawn to depending on their energy and color. Cleanse and purify your crystal first. Setting an intention gives you clarity, a vision for your life and purpose.

If You Use Words, Here Are Some Examples For Intention Setting Affirmations.

Crystals can be programmed with intentions, and this will strengthen your ability to manifest those intentions. Set your intentions and program your crystals to help you clear the air in your space and find solace in your heart and mind. The benefits of programming crystals you can work passively with crystals if you wish.

Identify The Crystal To Set Your Intention.

A crystal clear, heart centered intention helps you brainstorm ideas, set meaningful goals and persist through the challenges. Often, we don’t think about these intentions in much depth, and this can lead to frustrations. Here are some examples of intentions for crystals:

It’s An Empowering Process Of Actively Designing Your Life Instead Of Reacting To It.

Because clear quartz is the master healer, you can use it to set a variety of intentions to heal your body, mind, and soul. My mind, body and spirit are healthy. Examples of incense that you can use while setting intentions with your crystals:

The First Step, After Choosing Your Intention Of Course, Is Choosing The Right Crystals.

Try to increase your awareness and be present in your body and mind. Whether you are setting an intention for the year, the day, or even the next hour, the practice is a way to be deeply present in the moment while also working to achieve. I am a money magnet.