Glue Down Wood Flooring Over Concrete. Glue down engineered hardwood flooring to concrete slab above and below grade. Boards adhere well to the rough surface of the concrete subfloor, and therefore lead to less gaps or planks lifting and buckling.

Natural Hardwood Floors installed over a concrete slab
Natural Hardwood Floors installed over a concrete slab from

The nwfa recommends plywood with a minimal thickness of ¾”. If you are trying to decide between the two, then for engineered wood flooring floating is usually the best option as you can install it quickly and don’t have to worry about which glue to use and how long to wait for it to dry. The installation of hardwood floors by the glue down method is used predominately on concrete slabs.

If You Use Glue For Installation You Can Make The Engineered Floor Sound Like A Solid Wood Floor.

For minor popping or squeaking sounds it may be as easy as using aninjection kit made for this purpose. Installing hardwood flooring in basement over concrete will make that space look stunning and spectacular. Gluing down solid wood flooring to concretethis is a question that i have started to receive more and more.

This Type Of Flooring Is Far More Stable Than Solid Wood, Even When Installed Over Radiant Tubing.

Best method for basement installations as well as homes, condos, or apartments. You can install solid and engineered hardwood flooring over a concrete subfloor using one of three methods: When gluing a solid or engineered wood floor down to concrete, you should use a flexible flooring adhesive.

Gluedowns Are Installed By Trowel Spreading Of Adhesive On The Subfloor In A Pre Determined Area (Shown).

We would recommend using sika ms flexible wood flooring adhesive tub with a trowel, or sika 52 wood flooring adhesive sausage with a barrel gun. This means you’ll need to lay plywood, oriented strand board, or particleboard over the concrete. After installing a vapor retarder (if necessary), cut your plywood panels into 2’x8’ or 4’x4’ sections.

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Solid hardwood can not be glued (except for bamboo)) 3. To nail floorboards in place, the substrate must be made of wood. For the floor adhesive to properly stick, the floor must be clean.

Glue Down Hardwood Flooring Often Sounds More Like Real Solid Hardwood Flooring Than Floating Floors Do.

Thinking about installing an engineered hardwood floor? Types of tools needed and procedures. The other concern has always been that water in a concrete slab will be absorbed by wood flooring.